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How To Sign Up?

Simple Registration Process For All Ages

To begin the registration process for your player, please SUBSCRIBE to our Weekly Email List.  Emails go out every Friday @ 12:00 PM with our most up-to-date schedule for the next 7 Days.

Please add as one of your accepted email senders, or our emails may end up in your Spam/Junk/Promotions Inbox!

To Complete Registration:

Once you are receiving our Weekly Email Updates, to finalize registration, all you must do is Download, Sign, & Return this WAIVER, & simply show up to our next available practice.  We will provide you with the rest of the necessary paperwork to complete player registration.  If you have any specific questions/concerns, please CONTACT US.

Sign Up: All MBP Information (Including 7-Day Schedule)

Download Athletic Waiver:

Please Download, Sign, & Return to us.

MBP Waiver Form PDF (pdf)